Southern Recognition, Inc. and the Kass Family have been celebrating championship milestones with high schools, colleges, universities, and professional sports teams across the United States for more than 35 years. We’re your go-to experts in crafting items that symbolize your hard work, dedication, and determination. Southern Recognition, Inc. provides premium products and personalized service to ensure your memories last a lifetime.

As a family-owned and operated company, our comprehensive process is executed with precision and unmatched service. Any style, design, size, or specifications - We have a custom championship ring for every champion. As former athletes, we understand the process of becoming a champion is rigorous that is where our passion to exceed expectations originates.

Southern Recognition, Inc. features groundbreaking technology in championship ring design which is the foundation of how we built so many successful partnerships. Our goal is to craft a ring that inspires the championship glory for years to come and leaves a legacy of excellence

All of our championship rings are designed and customized by you, the champion, with the assistance of Southern Recognition, Inc. and the Kass Family. With a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guaranteed, we are the quality choice of champions. Contact us today to start the process.

GAMEPLAN FOR SUCCESS (Policies & Procedures)

  1. CUSTOM ARTWORK - Custom artwork is created specific for each championship ring using proprietary ring builder software. Once a design is completed, we create manufacturing artwork, as part of our “fail-safe” process to ensure every aspect of the championship ring is accurate and approved BEFORE manufacturing and production begin.
  2. SIZING YOUR TEAM - Southern Recognition, Inc. has provided an official metal championship ring sizer to ensure proper fitting. For proper fit, the ring sizer should slide on with ease and be comfortable when making a fist. Additionally, when attempting to take the ring sizer off, it should catch on your knuckle before completely pulling off of your finger.
  3. ORDER SUBMISSION – An excel spreadsheet (in the required format – template to be provided) is to be submitted by the team’s head coach, athletic director, or official team representative containing required information for championship ring manufacturing and production.
  4. DEPOSIT REQUIRED - A $100.00 deposit is required for each championship ring unit submitted as part of the team’s master spreadsheet submission (Example: 54 Rings submitted - $5,400.00 Deposit required). Check, credit card, and purchase orders are all acceptable forms of payment. Spreadsheet submissions are not considered an official order (sent to manufacturing and production) until deposit payment has been received and final artwork is approved in writing. Purchase orders will be accepted by Southern Recognition, Inc., but must be certified by an administrative member, purchasing agent, athletic director, and/or superintendent.
  5. BALANCE DUE - The remaining balance for each championship ring is due upon shipment. Team order championship rings will NOT be shipped in part as all rings must be paid in full for complete shipment. Accepted final balance payments can be processed via check or credit card.
  6. 501(c)(3) TAX EXEMPT - Legally a 501(c)(3) tax exempt certificate can be applied to a single invoice purchase as long as payment is coming directly from the approved tax exempt organization. A 501(c)(3) tax exempt certificate CANNOT be applied to separate orders for individual purchase.
  7. MANUFACTURING TIMELINE & WARRANTY – Southern Recognition, Inc. has NEVER missed a championship ring delivery event. However, constant and effective communication is key to ensuring a timely delivery. Standard manufacturing timeline (after written approval and deposit received) on a team championship ring order is 8-10 weeks. Southern Recognition, Inc. manufacturing and production strive to exceed delivery and design expectations. With a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guaranteed, we are thequality choice of Contact us today to start the process. OR